RenoPhotographer_--MarcelloRostagni_EventPhotographer_IMG_89A2547.jpegBenjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” and his words continue to ring true today and guide Forty2 as we hire and train our associates.  I personally believe in the importance of continuing education regardless of how long an individual has been in an industry. This past November, Forty2 held our first Annual Managers Meeting in Reno, Nevada.  Forty2 senior management along with property managers from the assets we manage gathered for a two-day, intensive multifamily training program. We began our program with a session called, “Definition of True Excellence,” a review of what is expected from our managers, and the Forty2 goal of keeping a focus on win/win activities.

As true fiduciaries that must continually strive to protect the assets they manage, property managers were able to interact with our finance and operations senior management to learn every aspect of profit and loss and how their actions affect the bottom line, i.e., when to lower and when to raise pricing, when to spend and when to wait with regard to purchasing, the importance of timely invoicing, accounts payable/receivable, etc.RenoPhotographer_--MarcelloRostagni_EventPhotographer_IMG_89A2518.jpeg

Excellent customer service has always been vital to a company’s success, so we offered additional training to our leasing and service teams, including Forty2’s 12 Points of Contact with Residents, the need for constant follow-up, and owning a resident request until that request has been satisfactorily handled, a key to our continued success.

New, innovative marketing opportunities were presented, especially the value of our resident referral program, priority waiting list, and tips on outreach marketing. Managers also attended our first Annual Awards Dinner where 12 different trophies were awarded for World Class Performance in a variety of categories.

IMG_5687Following our managers program, attendees were treated to the nationally acclaimed Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming conference, an immersive environment where forward thinking multifamily professionals come together to explore common challenges and develop innovative solutions that will move our industry forward. I was honored as an Industry Legend and was part of the Welcome to Brainstorming presentation. Managers also attended the coveted “Trends Luncheon” where I was the Keynote Speaker to learn firsthand about the latest and greatest upcoming ideas in marketing. To view this presentation, please enter the password.