Jennifer Nevitt Will Be Presenting At The Following Events:


Las Vegas Convention Center

Title:   Multifamily Trend Spotting: Distinguishing Trend from Turbulence

Date:   2/20/2019

Time:  8:30:00 AM – 9:30:00 AM

Session Type: Building Knowledge Session






Jennifer Nevitt’s 2016 Previous Speaking Engagements:


Tuesday, June 21, 2016 | 1:30 pm | Speaker: Jennifer Nevitt – President and CEO, Forty2, LLC

Transitioning from Construction to Lease-Up: Strategies to go from Certificate of Occupancy to 100% Lease-up

A successful lease-up strategy includes a well-managed plan, including a budget that addresses yield and sales. Using “practical examples” from across the continent this panel will provide strategic insight and counseling to build and execute your strategy.

While transitioning from construction to lease-up, the strategy must successfully address the key concerns and issues between the developers, construction, and property management team. What are the key concerns and issues between marketing and the lease-up?

How do you get the most for value for your marketing dollar on a lean budget? How do you proceed when you have no previous management experience but want to become an apartment developer?

NAA 2016



Thursday, June 16, 2016
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Top
Speaker: Alexandra Jackiw, CPM, CAPS – President, Milhaus Management
Speaker: Jennifer Nevitt – President and CEO, Forty2, LLC
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Each of us has navigated a unique course to achieve professional success. It hasn’t always been easy and many times we wished we could have had a “Do Over.” We can learn valuable lessons from those that came before us. Here’s your chance to hear from two successful real estate executives who have experienced their share of mistakes, failures and adventures throughout their careers – delivered in a series of true anecdotes. Hear first-hand about what they learned from those experiences and benefit from their hindsight. Discover how to jumpstart your career to achieve greater success during this engaging session.


Learning Objectives:
Learn about the importance of fine-tuning your soft skills to achieve career success.
Identify the key mistakes many employees make when charting their career course.
Discover how gender and generational differences can affect career advancement.