By: Chief Performance Officer, Michele Tate

Yes, we all have specific roles and responsibilities. It is critical that we all stay within that zone 90% of the time as the role we play is a strategy driver in achieving our team and asset objectives.

Beyond roles lies the target, the goal – this is what matters most! We are hired to meet goals and maintain our brand. This means there will be times where we need to step out of that zone to support the team, a team member, the investor/owner and/or a customer in pursuit of our goals.

As a team member, our role is to do whatever it takes to meet these objectives.

Let’s Contemplate:

  1. When are we expected to do whatever it takes? Consider times when you have demonstrated this in the past.
  2. Why is it important?
  3. How does this help us grow as a team?
  4. How will this help fuel your personal career objectives?
  5. Do you have WIT?
  6. Are you prepared to do this with gladness?

                                  Whatever it takes!